RV IN THE WINTER – buy RV cover

RV in the Winter – What to Know

If you are a new camper or have never been camping in the winter, you may have some concerns about not getting enough prepared. We have some tips and tricks for you to help you better prepare your RV camping experience this Winter and buy RV cover for protection. You can also get help from a RV dealer to take the first step!

RV travel for the right season: It’s very important to know that not all RVs are made for all seasons. Before you even hit the road, you have to be reassured that your RV is designed for the winter season. For this, an RV dealer can help you in your efforts. In principle winter RVs are equipped with adjustments such as heating, the option of doing laundry, water management, etc. Your RV dealer can help you keep track of the features you will need before making a final purchase.

Know the weather of your destination: It is important to know where you will camp and what temperatures to expect. Temperatures of -5 ° C and temperatures of -20 ° C require different equipment and features. If possible, try to park in the sun during your camping and enjoy the solar energy to warm up and reduce your energy consumption.

For more warmth inside your RV : In addition to the heating system already installed in the RV, build insulating panels to keep fresh air out. Also, avoid covering your windows as this may limit the sunlight entering your RV during the day. Ask your RV dealer for recommendations. Such tips will allow you to enjoy more warmth in your RV. Buy RV cover to protect your RV from weather and keep its temperature normal.

Knowing your RV  : Make sure you know the warranty of your RV to avoid situations that could be problematic. Small errors can damage your RV and cost you in repairs. Speak with your RV dealer to make sure you understand how to maintain your RV, buy RV cover to avoid extra maintenance costs because it will protect your RV from harmful effects. Just be well informed and you are ready for your trip!


Preparing your RV annually for the winter may seem like a burden, but when the preparations are well done you can save on the cost of repairs after the winter. The more time you spend preparing for your RV before winter, the sooner you can enjoy your vacation.

Here are some useful tips to follow before the arrival of the winter for the care of the recreational vehicles :

  • Disconnect any connection to an outside water source;
  • Drain the water: Generally a recreational vehicle with three hoses, one for cold water, one for hot water and another for a tank or sink; empty all the water in these pipes. Open the kitchen and shower faucets to empty the water, and do not forget to empty the toilet.
  • Add antifreeze to the hot water faucet in the kitchen, then alternate and do the same in the cold water faucet. Then follow the same approach with the shower and the toilet. Make sure that the antifreeze has penetrated well and close the valves.
  • Add antifreeze to other water containers such as the washing machine if it applies to you.
  • Discard the water room that you will find in the water containers
  • Remove and charge the RV battery and then store the battery in a safe place.
  • Discard all food and garbage to avoid attracting rodents and unwanted insects to your recreational vehicle
  • Examine if the roof of your RV does not let in any water, do the same for doors and windows
  • Clean your RV by paying attention to the hidden corners to make sure nothing escapes you. Do not use soaps because it can dry surfaces and crack them.
  • Park your RV with an emergency brake and use wheel chocks.
  • If possible, avoid parking in direct sunlight
  • Buy RV cover if you don’t have one

It is important to note that RVs differ by brand and manufacturer, so if you have a manual in which the manufacturer gives you recommendations for the winter, follow the manual. This will allow you to pay close attention to the most sensitive points of the RV and especially to adopt good strategies of preparation before the winter. There are also customer services that offer to prepare your RV for you before winter. The advantage of its services is that you can rest assured knowing that professionals have taken care of your RV and that in case of problems you can always contact them. You can contact carcover.com if you are interested to buy RV cover our experts will guide you in the selection of best one.